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  • ACMT College of Education announced admission for NTT ( Nursery Teacher Training), PTT ( Primary Teacher Training ),B.Ed (Bachelor Of Education), BA (Bachelor of Art) and B.Sc(Bachelor of Science) Courses. You can get direct admission without Entrance Exam in these Courses Like :-

    Nursery Teacher Training [NTT]

    Primary Teacher Training [PTT]

    Bachelor of Education [B.Ed]

    Bachelor of Arts [B.A]

    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]

ACMT College of Education

AACMT Education College works with a mission to become the leading academic institution in the world of education. The interest of the institute lies in the field of education by offering courses like Nursery Teacher Training(NTT) , Primary Teacher Training (PTT) and many other professional courses.

The colleges you choose to define your career. So, it is imperative to remember that you must choose a college with assured key factors. Advanced learning empowers you and helps you in achieving your desired goals. Though there are additional ways to acquire your desired targets, but higher education is the right path for everyone. This college offers all the opportunities to the candidates who wish to shine like a star in the future.

The main aim of the ACMT Edcation College is to meet the ever growing demand of the state for well qualified and equipped teachers to impart education to all without the distinction of caste, creed color and race.

Courses offered by ACMT Education College are mentioned below:

Primary Teacher Training course: PTT course gives confidence and encourages critical thinking and expands the horizon of candidate to nurture the children with adequate amount of knowledge without giving any type of burden. It includes activities like playing while learning, to know yourself, etiquettes and many other easy learning styles for toddlers.

The diploma course offers:

Art and Craft

Computer applications


Nursery Teacher Training course: This course provides an opportunity for professional and quality experience which will help them to develop their creativity, overall personality and confidence. It also helps you to understand the young minds and how to mold them into a brighter student. We will help you in learning the tools and techniques about child study. Their individual growth and planning of educational activities.

The diploma for NTT offers:

Our aim is to prepare teachers for pre- primary schools, in order to meet the requirements of parent and child.

Our course structure is divided into two parts


Practical knowledge

Education in ACMT college builds habits which stay with you throughout your life and prepare you to take up the challenges of upcoming employment, nationality and structuring a meaningful life. It becomes the sole responsibility of teachers and parents to broaden the horizons of students and help them to trust themselves.

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